san gimignano dalle cantine baroncini
La storia di Cantine Baroncini a San Gimignano
baroncini, viticultori dal 1489

There are places in Tuscany that can recount old stories and speak of personages.
As reported in the Liber Aetatum historical archivs of San Gimignano, the Baroncini family started producing Vernaccia wine in San Gimignano in 1489, thanks to Antonio di Bastiano, man of property.
Following the usages and customs of that period, his daughter Apollonia pursued his work.
She married Michele Pesciolini, a nobleman of San Gimignano, and thus brought her family lustre and land, among which the Torre Terza farm, still owned by the family.

From father to son, 500 years have passed and today, in San Gimignano, Baroncini family, founder of the present firm, still produces wine, as if to testify how time cannot affect traditions.
With our wines we want to convey to our customers and friends our love for the land and the joy of living.

torre terza - Baroncini  Cantine Baroncini winery